My collages on Post-It notes for the upcoming Post-It Show Ten at Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles

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I am very happy to have some recent work included in the 5th edition of Illustration Now! published by TASCHEN

Illustrations for the legendary Cricket Magazine

The Owl in the Henhouse
A story set in rural India of a relationship between two cousins and how their different backgrounds cause a lot of disruption. Published in the March and April 2014 issues.

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Farzad and Saeed
Paintings accompanying a story set in Iran before the Islamic Revolution about a friendship between two boys. Published in the March 2012 issue.

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A Write Now Journal entirely dedicated to chocolate. My own take was to create botanical motives and colours and contrast them with the richness of chocolatey browns. I dream of a plant that grows chocolate truffles as its fruit.

Nine illustrated quotes on Chocolate by famous people, like Audrey Hepburn and Milton Hershey. Published by Compendium Inc.

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