I am very happy to have some recent work included in the 5th edition of Illustration Now! published by TASCHEN

Illustrations for the legendary Cricket Magazine

The Owl in the Henhouse
A story set in rural India of a relationship between two cousins and how their different backgrounds cause a lot of disruption. Published in the March and April 2014 issues.

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Farzad and Saeed
Paintings accompanying a story set in Iran before the Islamic Revolution about a friendship between two boys. Published in the March 2012 issue.

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A Write Now Journal entirely dedicated to chocolate. My own take was to create botanical motives and colours and contrast them with the richness of chocolatey browns. I dream of a plant that grows chocolate truffles as its fruit.

Nine illustrated quotes on Chocolate by famous people, like Audrey Hepburn and Milton Hershey. Published by Compendium Inc.

Editorial pieces published in Germany in the Philosophy Magazine HOHE LUFT

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Illustrations for the book 'Ch@nge' by BBVA Open Mind . The illustrations explore three different texts, firstly the proposition that Big Data could be curated and managed by the people; how the technology is helping to extend our human interactions and how social media platforms can help us take daily decisions.

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